CBC Chancel Choir

Howard W. Curry

Easter 2012 - 10

CBC Chancel Choir

Music is an integral part of our fellowship and worship life.  Our sanctuary boasts one of the premier pipe organs in this part of the state, and we are fortunate to have someone who plays it with expertise and style

Howard W. Curry has been the organist and choir director at our church for over 59 years—starting back when he was in his twenties and a newly-minted organist.  Not only does he bless us with his organ and piano playing, but he also has the gift of being able to know exactly what our current choir will be able to sing well.  With 10-12 singers, our choir is not the biggest in northeast Connecticut, but it is definitely one of the best.  They can do everything from classical to gospel, with enthusiasm and obvious faith.  And they have a great time, too!

 In addition to ‘traditional church music,’ worship is often enhanced with some different styles of music, accompanied by guitar and banjo.  Singing is also important to the Sunday School, the members of which sometimes share their faith with us through their songs.

Howard Curry’s gifts also extend to the dramatic, and he shares these talents with us and with the community.  For the past four years, choir and other members have presented a Christmas musical, which always adds a unique touch of celebration to our season.  

If you sing, play, or act (or have always wanted to), there is always a way at our church to share faith through the arts. We welcome participants of any age who want to explore and/or share.

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