Mercy, Rick and Family

Mercy and Rick have been working with the Dios con Nosotros (God With Us) Baptist Convention in Baja California, Mexico since 2002. Their ministry in Baja includes leadership development for new church planting, teaching at the Seminary, and work with short term mission groups from the United States. Their ministry area includes Mexicali, Tecate, Ensenada, San Luis and Tijuana.

New church planting can mean many things; for them it has meant breaking down the old wineskins and discovering new ones. It has taken them down the road of dialogue about the value of tradition and innovation. They have learned to frame the terminology of new church planting with phrases such as cooperating churches, sponsoring churches, partner churches to help reshape the traditional structure and reflect a more relational approach when it comes to new church planting.

Rick and Mercy are part of the faculty of the Dios con Nosotros Seminary, located in Mexicali, and associated with the Dios con Nosotros Convention. They teach courses on church planting, church history and ecclesiology (from a Latin American perspective) as well as pastoral ministry and discipleship. As intentional bridges between American Baptist churches in the U.S. and the Baptists of Baja California, they also help shepherd short-term mission teams and facilitate continuing education for church leaders, adapting materials where appropriate.

They intentionally try to balance their ministry duties with their family duties. They volunteer at school, and parent their children to the best of their ability. We live in El Centro,CA, 12 miles north of the border with our children, Aida, age 19, Rich, age 17 and Joshua, age 11.

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