Winter Closing Guidelines

In general, since the church does not have off-street parking for more than three or four cars in the parsonage driveway, we are governed by the Town of Killingly. 

If there is a “parking ban” announced, we will not have a church service or activity on the church property. Snow usually results in a parking ban in Killingly!

How do you know if there’s a parking ban?

 - Check and look for “delays” or “closings”. 

 - Watch Channel 3 WFSB on your television Listen to WINY radio, (if you can get it on your radio.) or listen to their web streaming broadcast. 

 - Call the church office  (860 774-3907)

 - Check the church’s FaceBook page.

 If you are still unsure if there is a church service, use your judgment. If it looks too bad to drive, stay home!! 

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